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Boundary Disputes: Free Statutory Materials

Some free statutory materials (Acts of Parliament/Statutes and Subordinate legislation/Statutory Instruments) parts of which are often cited in boundary disputes can be found at :

Limitation Act 1980

Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992

Party Wall etc Act 1996

Arbitration Act 1996

Land Registration Act 2002

Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003


Statutory Instruments

Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1985 (SI 1995/418)

Hedgerows Regulations 1997 (SI 1997/1160)

Land Registration Rules 2003 (SI 2003/1417)

High Hedges (Appeals) (Wales) Regulations 2004 (SI 2004/3240)

High Hedges (Appeals) (England) Regulations 2005 (SI 2005/711)

Online Map Resources (many of which are free)

On line map websites that may be of assistance in determining boundaries are available at:

Ordinance Survey:

OS website: UK/oswebsite/freefun/outlinemaps/

Boundary Changes:

National Parks:

Most national parks publish a map showing the extent of the part and ordinance survey maps of the area also show the boundaries for example:

Yorkshire Dales:

Drainage Board Districts.

Many Drainage Boards include a map of the area where they cover on their websites.

Parishes & Administrative boundaries

There is a parish finder to identify the whereabouts of a named parish:

There are also a number of general maps available online showing parish boundaries in particular areas at specified dates, for example in London there is a detailed map which shows parish boundaries in 1870:

There are also some maps of some modern ecclesiastical parishes, for example Parbold Arch Diocese of Liverpool:

Property boundaries

A copy of the title plan of a registered property is available to non-account customers from the Land Registry at

However this is not an official copy which can only be obtained by submitting form C1 to the Registry by post.

Geographic features


Maps are available of a number of areas of common land for example, Wimbledon and Putney, London, commons:

Rights of way

Some County Council and Unitary Authorities publish online versions of their definitive map of rights of way, although they do not have the authority of the paper version of the definitive map. For example,


Maps of various forests are available giving different degrees of detail

For example,


There are two general maps of modern canals at:



Natural England


Air Quality

Light pollution

There are a series of regional maps showing the amount of light pollution at night based upon data for the year 2000, with comparative data from 1993 as published by the Council to Protect Rural England:




A general map of industrial mineral resources in Britain may be purchased from


The British Geological Survey provide free maps at:


Maps providing a synopsis of areas of possible future developments and potential hazards due to past mining can be purchased from:

Water and drainage

Water quality

The Environment Agency publishes maps showing water quality according to the latest recorded data.  These maps are available at:

Supply areas

Some water companies supply free maps for example, Essex and Suffolk Water at

Mains pipes and public sewers

Maps and old pipes and public sewers can be obtained in a number of areas, for example Severn and Trent provide details by ??? completing the request form at


A map of gas pipelines in the New Forest District is published at:

Mobile phones




Ordinance Survey


Inclosure maps

Tithe maps

For example: Bradford’s 1841 Tithe Map

Copies to buy

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